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nest, n. a comfortable secure
retreat or refuge; resting place; home.

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Home is your refuge

Your place to relax, recharge and refresh. Then life happens...and your needs and priorities evolve.

Your house can evolve too
space to grow a family

new kitchen

add a bathroom

accommodate elders

home office

outdoor garden room

home spa/exercise room

create an income-producing additional dwelling unit [ADU]

Nest Design Build is a full service general contractor dedicated to making the changes your home needs over a lifetime.

“We experienced both professionalism and courtesy from Nest Design Build.  They were willing and able to work around my infant daughter’s nap schedule and reserved the noisy equipment for times when she was awake or we were out of the house. The work was beautiful and they did a fabulous job.  We would use Nest Design Build’s services again without hesitation and will recommend them to friends.”

Conrad & Annie K.
Seattle WA